Hello world!

Well…here goes nothing. No turning back now! I’m ready to stick to something for once. I’ve thought about the blog thing for years. After graduation, while living with my parents, I decided I would start a design blog. Then I got a design internship, which later turned into a full-time Design Research position, and suddenly the thought coming home to write about what I’d spent my entire day already doing was just exhausting. Next I decided on a life blog. You know the kind. Full of the cutest darn pictures you’ve ever seen of me and my family and my dog and my newest home renovations…except….oh right…I’m newly employed, living in a new city, working my butt off. I have a boyfriend who lives 7 hours away and I’m a renter with no time or authority to tackle home improvement projects! Oh, and did I mention I don’t have a dog?

So finally it dawned on me… The one thing I have always loved to do – will always love to do – is cook. It’s my stress reliever. My creative outlet. My “zen”.

Bear with me here while I explain to you my roots…  I grew up with home-cooked meals every night, a mother who becomes more adventurous in the kitchen each and every day, and a father who can grill any cut of meat to perfection with his eyes closed. My two older brothers and I were encouraged to put on an apron and grab a spatula as soon as we were tall enough to see over the counter…and we haven’t looked back since. My parents, maybe without even realizing it, taught us an appreciation, not for eating, but for food and everything that comes with it – cooking, comforting, gathering around a table, communicating, learning, laughing. When I think of the dinner table growing up, I think of grammar lessons, history lessons, old family stories, laughing until I cry, good news, and sometimes bad news. Those are the moments I live for. So for my parents, my brothers, my new sister-in-laws, my young nieces, for anyone I’ve ever excitedly emailed a recipe (everyone?!), I’m finally bringing to light this blog in hopes that we can all one day continue to share the importance of food & family that our parents instilled in us at such a young age.

So…here we go!