Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day is a funny holiday. Single people gripe and hate it, but secretly want someone to spend it with (I had 22 single Valentine’s Days after all, so I’ve been there…trust me, I know) and coupled people set high expectations and panic over what to get/do for each other. In reality, I think Valentine’s Day is just a lovely holiday to let people know how much you appreciate them and care about them. But more importantly, I love this holiday because every year I force myself to remind myself of how much I love ME! Sounds silly, I know, but sometimes I think you just need to remind yourself of what exactly makes you AWESOME. It’s an instant mood booster. And after all… you can’t expect someone else to love you until you fully fall head over heels about your own amazing self!

But of course…it doesn’t hurt to have a wonderful significant other to remind you of how awesome you are as well! 🙂  And I had just that this Valentine’s Day!

Jeremy has just begun to start experimenting with cooking. (I keep telling him that it takes a lot of recipe-following and screwing up in order to get completely comfortable with the art!) But despite his limited experience, he took on quite the lofty goal this year. He made me RACK OF LAMB!! One of my most favorite things on this earth! I was beyond impressed, y’all. “Blown away” might be an appropriate term but I’m not even sure that expresses my shock and, to be honest, nervousness over this meal. I wasn’t nervous that it wouldn’t be good – I can deal with a bad meal. I’ve made plenty of them! I was more nervous that this meal that he had built up in his head wouldn’t meet his expectations and that disappointment would lead to the abandonment of this beautiful interest he has accrued in one of my favorite activities!

But just as I suspected…. it was delicious. I am SO proud of my new personal chef.  🙂

Look at that beauty!!