A Simple Breakfast

Dear tiny handful of followers,


I realized today how long it had been since I last posted!! Well, actually, I’ve been thinking about posting almost everyday for the past three weeks but life got in the way until I finally did the math today and realized I could NOT allow myself to get to the one month mark without posting. That’s just unacceptable! My excuses are as follows – my car broke down, work got crazy, a few days later I drove up to VA & bought a new car(!!!), work continued to be crazy….and now here I am. But excuses, excuses, right?

I feel like I haven’t really, truly cooked in weeks and it’s killing me! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve “made” things, but nothing so exciting that it’s worth sharing. So for now, I’m leaving you guys with the simplest of simple.  The broiled grapefruit. A lovely little treat that I make myself for breakfast every so often!

There’s nothing more to it than a grapefruit half and some brown sugar! Be sure you go ahead and “free your fruit” with a grapefruit knife, then top it with about 1 or 2 tbsps of brown sugar and run it under the broiler until it begins to caramelize a bit on the top. I loosely wrap mine in tin foil, leaving the top open, so that all of the juice is captured, then pour that on top of the grapefruit after I put it in a bowl. It’s a simple breakfast that’s really hard to beat! Pair it with an english muffin or some greek yogurt with granola, and you’ve got yourself a delicious and healthy start to the day!

I’ll be back this weekend with a more exciting adventure, I promise.  I’ll give you a hint – we’re officially kicking off grilling season!! 🙂


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