PROJECT: Whole Living Action Plan

ATTENTION, ATTENTION: Starting Monday, Feb 18th, my friend Maggie and I (Maggie – aka my Chi Omega sister, “forever roomie” from college and one of my besties for life) will be taking on a challenge: The Whole Living Action Plan.

Never heard of it? I hadn’t either until I was waiting to check out at the grocery store a few weeks ago and grabbed an issue of Whole Living magazine because a few of the recipes looked really delicious as I thumbed through. Oddly enough, as I sat down with it later that day, I learned that those “delicious recipes” that I saw were actually meal suggestions for a 21-day detox. Fast forward a couple of weeks later, Maggie asks me if I’ve ever tried a cleanse or a detox.

Direct quote from Maggie: “I figured if anyone I knew had tried one or at least thought of trying one, you’d be the one to ask.”

This is so true. I’m not a “joiner” per se, but I’ll certainly try anything once and I research the heck out of everything…that is my day job, after all! What can I say? I’m curious. Always have been. I ask a lot of questions, and very few are rhetorical. If you can’t tell me what I want to know, then you betcha I’m gonna find it out on my own. But I digress…  So I sent Maggie the link to the plan, she totally agreed on how delicious some of the recipes looked and now here we are! Three days away from starting our trip to crankiness wellness.

In case you’re doubting me right now (and I could probably name which ones of you are), take a look at some of these pictures [all via]:

WLAP5 WLAP4 WLAP3 WLAP2Yummy stuff, right?! The theory behind this detox is to eliminate foods from your diet for three weeks that put stress on your liver and digestive system. Week 1 is very basic, but as each week progresses, you will slowly begin to add things back into your diet. Once your body has had a chance to rid itself of toxins and impurities that have built up, you will begin to feel more vibrant & energized, sleep more soundly, and even lose weight…..or at least that’s what they’re telling us. The catch? Those 6 little things you have to eliminate: processed food/beverages, added sugar, dairy, gluten, CAFFEINE and ALCOHOL. Yea, those last two? Uhhh….not so easy when you’re a 26 year old working person. But like I said, this is a challenge.

So for the next three weeks, I’ll keep you updated and I’ll even post a few of the recipes that turn out to be tasty. WISH US LUCK!!  This may be harder than we think, but I’m hoping it’s amazing and makes me feel like those girls who smile their way through hot yoga.  🙂


For more info on the Whole Living Action Plan, check it out on their website:

**NOTE: This post was not sponsored in any way by Whole Living Magazine or any of its subsidiaries. All opinions are my own.



7 thoughts on “PROJECT: Whole Living Action Plan

  1. I’ve read about a meal plan like this. I am actually okay with the idea behind this because you are still eating whole food and not these crazy drinks. I’ll be cheering y’all on! I’ve cut out all of those things from my diet since November and you really do feel better 🙂

    • That’s why we picked this one! It’s not crazy, it’s just healthy and seems like it would be reasonable easy to keep up as a lifestyle. Coffee, alcohol and dairy will be hard for me, but i’m willing to do it because everything else looks good!

  2. I’m so excited to do this challenge together!!! Sorry to anyone in advance that has to deal with us on Wednesday or Thursday next week.

    • OMG I know. I’ve already given a disclaimer to all the people who sit around me at work! hahaha I’m excited though!! I mean, three weeks isn’t that long. If we can’t do this, I’ll be disappointed. I’m ready!

  3. This looks delicious and easy, although, I may have trouble with the “no wine” !!
    Looking forward to the next post Maggie and Leila!

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