RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Lazy Goat – Greenville, SC

What better way to start off my local restaurant review section, than with my very favorite restaurant of ALL time?! Obviously I’m detoxing right now, so I can’t go [insert: giant sad sigh], but Jeremy and I have gotten in our fair share of The Goat since the holidays, and ended up there most recently for an awesome Valentine’s Day meal!


The Lazy Goat offers up Spanish/Mediterranean-style cuisine with just a hint of Southern flair. The menu changes subtly every few months and Chef Vicky’s special features are always a safe bet. She’s basically a genius and I’d die for the chance to get back into their kitchen with her for a day! With an impressive variety of meat & cheese offerings and an entire side of the menu devoted to small plates & nibbles, you’ll be stumped for what to order before even making it to the back side of menu. But you flip that menu over, ladies  and gents, because let me tell you, there are some gems on the back of that menu! The paellas are better than those I’ve had in Spain and the pizzas and pastas are to die for. Basically? You can’t go wrong at the Goat. But I do recommend breaking out of the “typical customer favorites” that they may offer you. Yes, the fried goat cheese is good, but it’s totally worth giving up for some of the other dishes on the menu! (*cough* BRUSSELS SPROUTS*cough*)

The “ambiance” of The Lazy Goat is complete with very low lighting, so none of my own pictures ever turn out (but I continue to take them and embarrass Jeremy). So here are a few pictures from their website, and YES, the food does look just like these pictures:

photos via

Wood-Fired Pizzas

photos via

Butternut Squash Tagliatelle

photos via

Lazy Paella

photos via

Moroccan Lamb w/ Crispy Plantains & Pita Points

photos via

Crispy Branzino

Overall, this is most definitely my favorite restaurant in Greenville, and it tops my list of favorite restaurants ever. It’s nice enough for a special occasion, but not so expensive that we can’t pop in spontaneously on a week night. As often as we go, we have never once had a disappointing meal. As Jeremy says, “worst case scenario, your meal is going to be great instead of outstanding“. As a young working person who still loves a nice night out every once in awhile, I can’t say enough how much I appreciate a restaurant where I can find excellent food, fantastic service, and a wine list with 20 bottles under $35.  Give me that, and you’ll have me as a monthly regular for life.


CLICK to make it larger!

 Check out their entire menu on their website. It should be noted that The Lazy Goat offers 1/2 price bottles of wine and a special feature menu every THURSDAY. (That’s in bold because it’s IMPORTANT, y’all. Write that down.) Next time you’re free on a Thursday, stop in and you’ll probably bump into Jeremy and me at our usual corner table.  🙂


2 thoughts on “RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Lazy Goat – Greenville, SC

  1. When we go to Greenville to visit Leila, we don’t need to ask to go to The Lazy Goat! They know that is a favorite of ours! I agree with everything you said! Yum…..Too bad we live 4 1/2 hrs away!

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