PROJECT DETOX: A Week 2 Update!!

This is coming a little late, I know. Real life got in the way – I’m sorry! But we’ve made it to WEEK 3!! Which means EGGSSSS!!!!! You do NOT know how exciting an egg can be until you haven’t had anything creamy or hearty for two weeks. I put one on my quinoa the first night for dinner and thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

Here’s a quick update (click on them to make bigger):


I think it’s pretty safe to say, that Maggie and I almost feel back to our normal routine by now. With the introduction of gluten-free grains last week, and now eggs & soy (edamame!), our options have really opened up more than I thought they would! On a side note though, I have learned a thing or two with the onset of week 3. For example – we were told we could introduce soy this week, but only Organic, Non-GMO soy. How many of you know what kinds of foods fall under the category of “organic, non-GMO soy”? Raise your hand if you do.



Yea, that’s what I thought. So I decided to look it up (of course) and it turns out that the “organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) soy” umbrella is a small one. In fact, of allllll the products in the US that contain soy, only about 10% are certified organic and have not been genetically modified. The scary part is all the literature about how bad genetically modified soy can be for you in large quantities. So I think to myself – “ok, here I am putting soy milk in my coffee for the past 5 years, mostly because it tastes better, but also because it seems to be the hip & healthy dairy alternative and it turns out it’s bad for me? Oh, but that’s ok because I don’t take in a lot of soy otherwise, right?” WRONG. Apparently genetically modified soy is present in tons of processed/pre-packaged foods, and has been linked with all kinds of cancer, disrupted thyroid function, and even wacked out hormones (man boobs, anyone?). In fact, if you go in your cabinet right now and look at the ingredients on that back of almost any box of cookies, baking chocolate or sweet treat that you have sitting in there, you’ll probably see a thing called “lecithin”. It’s an emulsifier. . .and a genetically modified soy product. So now think about how much soy you take in on a regular basis. More than you thought, right? In lab tests, rats who ingested lecithin in large quantities became sterile, had trouble reproducing and…..wait for it…..grew hair IN THEIR MOUTHS.  Now I’m not trying to send you running to your cabinets in a panic right now, but that concerns me a little, you guys. I’m definitely going to come out of this detox being more wary of unknown ingredients, and striving to cook with “real food” more often than stuff from a box or a jar. Know where your food comes from, be aware of the ingredients you’re taking in, and READ THE LABELS, y’all! If you can’t pronounce it – you probably shouldn’t eat a lot of it (if any).

Thank goodness my mama raised me this way anyway! Rarely do I remember eating anything that came from a box, and if we did, it was only when we had a babysitter. (we LOVED seeing that Hamburger Helper box on the counter as kids! haha) So, THANKS MOM! You make this healthy cooking thing a whole lot easier!! 🙂

Okay, I’m off my soapbox. Now, onto week 3!!  LET’S DO THIS THING, MAGGIE! I can see that  bottle glass of wine waiting for me at the finish line!


Recipes from week 2:

Wicked Vegan White Beans – Maggie raved over this recipe! Looks good to me, especially for some of these cold days we’ve been having!

I made my Black Bean & Sweet Potato tacos (Jeremy even asked to come over for that meal!) I subbed my tortillas for big leaves of butter lettuce, and mixed a little quinoa into my black beans. I almost preferred it this way! Sadly, I couldn’t have the spicy yogurt sauce on these but a little smushed avocado did the trick! 🙂

Maggie also made this, but used broccoli instead of shrimp. She reported good things!  – Garlic Shrimp in Coconut Milk

I had my first success with fish and also made a few more things worth posting. They’ll be up on the blog soon!


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