RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sully’s Steamers – downtown Greenville, SC


all photos from their website:

I should probably begin this post with the following statement: Sandwiches don’t really get me going.  Not typically, anyway. I know this is probably shocking to a lot of you, because if there’s one thing I’ve found by not being “big” on sandwiches, it’s that some people feel REALLY STRONGLY about sandwiches as a food group. To clarify – I’m not big on sandwiches mostly because the majority of sandwiches I come in contact with are kind of disappointing. They rarely look like their picture or live up to their mouthwatering menu descriptions. Then, on the flip side, you’ll get a sandwich that is so perfect looking that you’d swear someone set the alignment on all of its ingredients to “justified”, but then you find it has absolutely no flavor (I typically solve this problem by slathering on as much hot mustard as possible). Am I right, or am I right? I think we all know by now that the messier the sandwich, the better it’s going to be….but of course, you know by now that I feel that way about most food, now don’t I? Ahh yes.

So flashback to a few weeks ago when I see on twitter that there’s a new sandwich place in town (and no, I’m not talking about that fancy new deli where “stopping in for a sandwich” is gonna cost you at least a Drew Jackson…….*cough* a $20 bill). No, no, this place was apparently serving up “steamed” sandwiches and was tucked off Main just enough to have slipped in without being noticed by this girl. So about a week or so ago I grabbed my roommate and my boyfriend – both of whom are on the fonder side of sandwiches than I – and off we went to Sully’s Steamers on a lovely downtown Saturday!


all photos from their website:

Now for the fun part, y’all. I kid you not…as we walked from the car to the restaurant I said (this is a direct quote), “This will probably end up being more of a place you guys like than me, since you’re both ‘sandwich people’. My kind of sandwich is more elusive. It has to involve at least a runny fried egg or an avocado, otherwise I’m not interested.”  Then my roommate says (also a direct quote), “I hope they have bagels as a bread option”.

And then something magical happened…

We walked up and realized it was, in fact, a bagel sandwich store. Then we walked in and I almost immediately spotted a sandwich that had bacon, guacamole and chive cream cheese on it………AND THEN I SAW “ADD AN EGG” AS AN OPTION. Well shut my mouth and call me Shirley. They had every single thing we asked for all on a bagel sandwich! If that wasn’t the sandwich gods telling us to go inside, I don’t know what was. Now let’s take a look at some pictures from their website shall we? That’s always the best part.

All photos from their website: all photos from their website:

all photos from their website:

Steamy AND dreamy? That you are, Sully’s. That you are.

Why would you steam a sandwich, you ask? I haven’t the faintest idea, but I’m pretty sure I’m a supporter now! No chewy, gum-cutting bagel sandwiches here! These guys are so fluffy and soft you wouldn’t even know there was bread on your sandwich. Dangerous

all photos from their website:

all photos from their website:



I do want to mention that on my first trip, they got mixed up and accidentally gave me a chicken salad bagel sandwich in lieu of my much anticipated El Guapo masterpiece. But before I could even get sad about it, one of the staff members had already gone up front, told them what happened and had my steaming hot sandwich delivered to me before I knew it.  AND they let me keep the chicken salad sandwich (which I had for lunch the next day). How’s that for customer service? Anyone who can correct a mistake instead of making excuses for it is good in my book. I’ve been to much more “well-known” restaurants downtown where the server and manager refused to acknowledge that they messed up the order…on more than one occasion. (Obviously I’m talking about one place in particular but it shall remain nameless for now).

One last thing – Only because I’m a very loyal customer once you have my business, I feel I have to mention that Greenfield’s Bagels is by far my most favorite bagel place in town (and maybe ever). The only bad thing about Greenfield’s is their location off Laurens Rd which, while convenient to me, isn’t convenient to downtown visitors and/or new locals. I think a bagel spot is just what downtown needed and with an excellent menu and great staff like theirs, I think Sully’s is going to stick around for a long long time!


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