Oh hey there…

Remember me?? It’s been awhile! My apologies you guys…the 9-to-5 has gotten in the way the past few weeks. Wayyyy too busy to cook.  Well, actually, no. That’s a lie. I’ve cooked plenty, but I’ve been wayyyyy too busy to take photos of it.  😉

But guess what, y’all!?! I’m heading to the beach RIGHT NOW AS YOU’RE READING THIS!!!! And I could not be more excited! I’m OBX-bound with two of my favorite Hokies and I have no doubt we’re going to have a blast. Who even cares about the weather when you have three ladies in room full of wine, hummus and snacks? I mean, seriously…there’s nothing that can stand in the way of our good time!

So I’m leaving you guys with a few Friday Favorites while I’m away. Hopefully this inspires you to go check out or try something new this weekend! They’re calling for amazing weather down here. How is it in your neck of the woods??


  • I’m totally crushing on nautical stripes at the moment. No huge surprise here, if you know me, but I feel like I’ve stepped away from them for a few seasons and now I can’t get enough! I love this oversized BB Dakota top (1) over a pair of cuffed skinnies.
  • Who loves KIND bars?? THIS GIRL! I picked up a box of Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan (2) ones the other day with a coup I got at Whole Foods. Thankfully, since I hadn’t tried the flavor before and was now stuck with 20 bars, it turned out to be amazzzzzing. Perfect for that 3:00 pm slump.
  • “Hello my name is Leila, and I’m obsessed with lip sticks….and stains….and glosses….and probably regular chapstick, too.” No but seriously, these Tarte LipSurgence Lip Stains (3) are the best thing ever. Colors like a lipstick, feels like minty chapstick, but lasts like a lip stain. Plus they’re sheer at first but layer really nicely if you want to build up to a stronger color. They have them in gloss, matte and shimmer. I have the gloss in Moody (on the right) which looks scary but it’s actually a beautiful shade of red/berry, and then an everyday shimmery nude called Glitzy (on the left). And let’s be honest…I’ll probably eventually own every color.
  • I came across these beautiful Quarter Moon earrings (4) the other day when I kind of accidentally landed on Erin Diane’s website. Her stuff is beautiful. I may have to treat myself!
  • I finalllly found a pair of mint jeans (5) that I like and then happened to buy the lilac ones too (late in the game, I know!). They only have about 9 different styles of jeans, so watch out, it can get confusing! But these are the 1969 Always Skinny Skimmers. Great fit and super cute with flats. Thank you Gap, for always being reliable and classic! Never change!
  • Y’all. I was sucked in by an at-the-register-sample-item. I thought they were crackers when I grabbed one, but no. They’re COOKIE CHIPS (6). You know when you’re making cookies and they spread out and the very thin edges get super duper cripsy? Yea. That’s these….in a bag. SO GOOD! I picked them up at Whole Foods but they should have retailers listed on their website.
  • Lastly, anyone who’s an Anthro fan will have seen these, or own them. But sometimes your favorite things are the things you use so often that you kind of forget about them, you know? …does that make sense? These Latte Bowls (7) from Anthropologie are the best every day bowls. They come out with new colors every season (I have probably 10 different colors) so you can mix & match whenever you feel like it! They’re perfect for snacks, salads, pasta, oatmeal…I literally use them for EVERYTHING.

Hope everyone has a great weekend full of big floppy hats, a good book, chilled white wine, fresh seafood and lots of girl talk!!

…oh wait. That’ll be me 😉


2 thoughts on “Oh hey there…

  1. Leila! This list is amazing and I want everything you included now! 😉 I hope you have any amazing weekend in the OBX! Miss you girl and hope you are doing well! (I stopped the Little Food Court a few months ago but thinking of starting it up again– got caught up in the 9 to 5 grind too! I miss blogging and all the fun connections 🙂

  2. I love this list and now I want everything you included on it! I hope you have a great weekend in the OBX! 🙂 I understand the 9 to 5 can take over- I stopped writing my blog for that reason (and a few others) a couple months ago. I hope to find the time to start it back up soon though! Love your blog, girl!

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