Around Town: Cask Night @ Thomas Creek Brewery

So in case you haven’t picked up on it yet, the boyfriend and I are kind of really into drinking exploring different varieties of beer/wine and experimenting with cocktails. We also really like to support local businesses and restaurants. So a few months ago we saw that a local brewery, Thomas Creek, was hosting a “cask night” at their facility. All we knew was it was only $5, there would be a special cask of Thomas Creek beer that had been infused/brewed with some sort of exciting element, and the ASADA Taco Truck would be present.



photo via Thomas Creek’s Facebook page

Turns out it’s even more fun than we anticipated! There’s usually a decent crowd, but not so large that it’s hard to maneuver. It’s a great way to meet and mingle with fellow craft beer lovers, and more often than not a lot of the same people show up over and over again. Your $5 gets you a wristband with 5 little tabs on it. Each time you go up to get a sample of any of the Thomas Creek brews that they have on tap, you put one of your tabs into the cup. The cask beer, however, is free for the sampling until it runs out! There’s also always great live music, and you can fill growlers or buy 6-packs on site while you’re there. You can’t deny that all that makes for a great little Tuesday evening! And recently The Chocolate Moose truck (my absolute FAVORITE CUPCAKES EVER…..seriously, they’ll change your mind about cupcakes) and the Pies R Squared mobile pizza oven have been showing up.

Pizza, cupcakes and tacos? That’s pretty much the trifecta of drinking food. Let’s be honest.

photos care of The Boyfriend via iPhone 4S

photos care of The Boyfriend via iPhone 4S


So next time you’re itching to do something mid-week, or need a cheap but super fun activity, come check out CASK NIGHT, the last Tuesday of every month, at Thomas Creek!  Get to know your local brewers, have some great beer and great food. “LIKE” their page on facebook to keep up to date with all their events!

And keep an eye out….we’ll probably be there 🙂


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