Let’s get crafty! [Gilded Champagne Flutes]

Things have been getting pretty crafty in my apartment lately….and I mean that in the most Martha Stewart of ways.

Check out these beauties:

Gilded Champagne Flutes

These were seriously the easiest things EVER to make. It took me, mayyyybe, a minute and a half per glass and very few supplies. I got the initial idea from here, but took some inspiration from a lot of different DIY posts and other things I’d seen around the web – including this, this and these. Basically, I’m now just on a mission to find out what else I can spray gold because, my goodness, EVERYTHING wears that color well.

GILDED CHAMPAGNE FLUTES (you could use any type of glass!)

Total Cost: $15 for 6 Gold Wine Glasses! 

What you’ll need:

Whatever glasses you’re painting – I used cheap champagne flutes that I found at Homegoods (6 for $8)

Painter’s tape or you could use masking tape (About $2-4)

Gold metallic spray paint – we used Krylon (About $5)

STEP 1 – Make sure your glasses are really clean and dry. You don’t want any dust or lint or anything like that on there or else it will show up in the spray paint.

STEP 2 – Tape your glasses. I used one long strip of my painter’s tape to lay out the shape that I wanted (a diagonal to get a “dipped” effect that came to a point at the top). Then I got a Ziploc bag and cut the top off (the zip…lock, if you will). Tape the bag around the rest of the glass that you don’t want paint on. If you’re a visual learner, like me, check out my picture below and it might make more sense.

STEP 3 – Spray her down! I did one coat on my first pair and it turned out okay, but there were a few spots that looked a little “translucent” after it dried. So I’d recommend two coats, but try to keep it as even as you can.

On a side note –  I sprayed the bottom of one glass and didn’t spray the bottom of the other and there wasn’t much difference. So I wouldn’t go out of your way to get the bottom, but don’t fret if some gets on there!

STEP 4 – Let them dry before removing the tape. I left mine overnight, and they were ready to go in the morning! (But the paint can said it should be fully dry in 15 minutes…in case you’re having a DIY emergency and need to rush things.)

Taping Off

For my next batch, I may try to get a little more creative with my masking/taping. I’m thinking I might try to do dots (like the Threshold glasses from Target) by hole-punching a sheet of contact paper….?? I’ll let you know how that goes. But overall, I am SO happy with how these turned out! I can’t wait to start painting every style and shape of glass we own! (just kidding!….sort of…)

These two were my contribution to a White Elephant gift exchange for our book club and they were a huge hit! My old roomie Carissa ended up snagging them in the end, so I imagine we’ll see these beauties again soon when Bachelor Mondays start back up in January 😉



One thought on “Let’s get crafty! [Gilded Champagne Flutes]

  1. Wonderful looking glasses. I have seen that done where you drip the paint onto the glass and turn the glass around so it swirls. Not sure how you would get it off though, unless it swirls to the bottom!

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