White Truffle Mac & Cheese

Y’all. We need to talk. I ate seven cups of cheese. BUT NOT IN ONE SITTING! Hear me out before you judge… When I try new recipes for the first time, I typically try to follow the recipe to the … Continue reading

Bourbon Vanilla Apple Butter

Growing up, apple picking always seemed to be the thing to do when the weather started to get that chill in the air every time the wind blew. I have pretty vivid memories of sticking my feet into the freezing … Continue reading

Root Beer Float Cake

So I was doing a little “product testing” this weekend and tried out this little guy: It’s a new cordless (battery-operated) Hand Blender from KitchenAid. You can pick it up at your local Williams-Sonoma for measly $350 (!!!!).  Needless to … Continue reading